doing the difficult bit..


using best in class software to model and optimise


At DCB we are renowned for our pragmatic approach to examining, modelling and improving complex logistics operations. Projects are managed under the Six Sigma business improvement framework, providing clients with certainty of costs, timescales and deliverables.

Many of our clients remark on how our approach is different to other logistics consultancies they have used. This is due to our hands on style and proven project method which engages with the business. We deliver operational solutions that teams buy into and implement.

What We Do


Using data to bring clarity to complex LOGISTICS operations

At DCB we offer a range of logistics consultancy services. This may be in terms of short term cost reductions through improved operational efficiency, longer term strategic benefits from developing optimised logistics networks, M&A support or logistics procurement. Key modelling tools used are Paragon and Llamasoft Supply Chain Guru.

Founded by Craig Bunker, our team have all worked in operational and solutions design teams for major European third party logistics organisations. We have the ability to communicate with the CEO as well as the transport planner.